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Mercado de Innovación Tecnológica

Mercado de Innovación Tecnológica

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  • Seeking shelf life extension for fried, baked and roasted snacks for up to 12 months

    We are working with a European manufacturer of snacks and bite-sized foods who is interested in new technologies and solutions to improve the nutritional profile and presentation of their products. The majority of the company’s products are based on roasted, fried and baked snacks and it is committed to improving them through collaboration with external partners with relevant expertise and/or technology.

  • Seeking technical support to install, troubleshoot and perform maintenance on a Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) vacuum robot.

    The ability to interchange SPR-8524 robotic units between AKT-PX PECVD (Generation 8.5) machines. To develop standardized corporate procedures to exchange robotic units, maintenance, periodic calibration, diagnostics/troubleshooting operations, software installation (upgrades), data upload/back-up and a reliable vendor for new, original manufacturer parts and consumables.

  • Seeking: future challenges and opportunities in the biopharmaceutical / biotech manufacturing science and new technologies to address them.

    The desired outcome is, at first, a list of current and future opportunities and challenges of the biopharmaceutical / biotech manufacturing. As an example, the increased productivity of UpStream Process (USP) challenges the capacity of classical DownStream Processs (DSP) to purify this large amount of proteins. In a second step, proposed new technologies to address some of the challenges and opportunities listed during the first step of this request. For instance, non-chromatographic purification methods such as precipitation might be considered to resolve the challenge of high productivity in USP. Globally acting multinational organization with two digits billion sales, a substantial investment in RD, and a strong commitment to both its customers and its shareholders. Major research and production sites across Europe, in the US and the Asian-Pacific area.

  • Seeking a Briquetting Technology provider in order to convert waste into energy

    One of clients is searching for a Briquetting Technology provider in order to convert waste into energy. A company in the field of green/clean technologies with expertise in briquetting technology could be a potential technology provider. Adoption of briquetting technology will not only create a safe and hygienic way of disposing waste, but turn it into a cash rich venture by converting the abundant supply of waste into energy and also contributing towards a better environment.

  • Seeking Nano Technology for improving the efficacy and reducing the side-effects of Copper IUDs resulting in higher user satisfaction.

    A technology to use nano-technology for value addition to the current Copper IUDs to enhance user comfort and reduce abdominal cramps and bleeding/spotting. A nano-technology which can pre-treat/charge the copper to achieve the desired benefits. IUDs being Class III Medical device, we need to establish all related compliance and bio-equivalence. Manufacturers of IUDs with state of the art manufacturing facility approved by WHO-GMP, ISO 13485 and is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. We are willing to partner / JV with a competent technical sound knowledge partner who can support us in concept to final product development stage.

  • Seeking novel scalp care and/or scalp treatment products and ingredients that can help to promote overall scalp health.

    The company is looking for finished technologies/ products that offer scalp care benefits for a pre- or post wash consumer product. Large multinational organisation, with presence in different countries around the world. We manufacture and commercialize several well known brands in the market. More than 25,000 employees and large investment in Research and Development.

  • Seeking dynamic video compression technology that will encode and resize video files for efficient streaming over wireless network depending on connectivity quality and mobile devices' display capabilities.

    A technology capable of detecting the user’s type of video viewing device and dynamically compress/resize the video for efficient streaming to the viewing device. The viewing device can be a desktop computer or mobile device such as smartphone or tablet. The video compression technology can be of lossy and lossless type. Marginal loss of video resolution is acceptable.

  • Seeking technology that is able to automatically differentiate between indoor and outdoor scenes in digital photographs.

    The company is seeking a solution that is able to automatically scan through a collection of digital images on local storage and classify them as either indoor scenes or outdoor scenes. The solution’s performance should be comparable to typical optical character recognition software (OCR) speeds. The expected image file size is in the range of hundreds of kilobytes. The solution should have a minimal classification accuracy of 70%. An example of such an application is a photo-management tool that can sort and classify images based on the scenes depicted in the images. The solution can be in the form of an API, algorithm or stand-alone software application.

  • Seeking room temperature activation foam-in-place polymeric system

    1- or 2-component formulation that meets the following criteria and standards: - Expansion minimum 300% - Ability to protect substrates (carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, composites) from corrosion - Elastomeric foam - Exotherm, not to exceed 150°C - Adhesion on unprepared surface - No sensitizing ingredients (no isocyanates for example), HMIS rating 2 or less for each category - Life time: 10 years for a non exterior exposure...

  • Seeking delivery system for stackable gallon beverage container that uses as little 'assistance' in transportation'shoppability'store labor as possible.

    Design of commercially viable delivery system for a stackable gallon beverage container that uses as little 'assistance' in transportation 'shoppability' store labor (shelf replenishment) as possible. Each 1/2 pallet (desired configuraoin) shall be comprised of 60 gallon containers= within the dimensions of: 5 containers Wide (28”max) x 4 containers High (48”max) x 3 containers Deep (20”max)

  • Seeking companies, specialist consultants and/or researchers with significant and relevant expertise in the tape casting process of ceramic based films

    We are currently seeking companies, specialist consultants and/or researchers with significant and relevant expertise in the tape casting process of ceramic based films (such as alumina) in order to produce flexible films with high strength and also a high air permeability. Our client is a product manufacturer working on the development of a thin ceramic film with high strength and also relatively high air permeability. They are currently using a formulation of alumina, plasticiser (such as glycerol) and binder (such as alginate) as a base material which they have then tape cast into a film product.

  • Seeking for technological solutions to deodorize brown apple extract

    The raw material is a liquid apple extract concentrate. After the treatment the apple extract should taste neutral, meaning without the characteristic apple flavour at the dosage of a standard cola drink. Taste benchmark would be E150d. The colour should remain at the same intensity after treatment. We are a global producer, marketer and provider of ingredients for the food and beverage industry. We produce different types of ingredients, especially colours for various applications.

  • Seeking shelf life stable heat activated polymeric systems

    Heat activated shelf life stable thermosetting polymeric systems are used currently in industrial application. Examples include adhesives, sealants, composite matrices, coatings, primers, etc. Today, there are multiple ways of accomplishing the objective of heat activation to create a thermosetting polymer by using methods such as peroxides as curatives for high polymers, dicyanamide as a curative for epoxide functional materials, and blocked isocyanates for latent polyurethane or polyurea systems. Often, there are other additives to accelerate the system or activate the curing system. In general, there is a compromise that must be made between rapid activation of the system when heat is applied and the shelf stability of the product. The objective here is to have a system that activates at lower temperatures than is typically feasible today, while maintaining a shelf stability of at least 3 months, and preferably 6 months, when stored under room temperature conditions. More specifically, to have materials that will activate and fully cure at temperatures of 100 C or less when exposed to the temperature for no longer than 30 minutes. The lower the activation temperature, the more desirable the system. We are a producer of solutions for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The company is operating globally with 9 production plants world-wide.

  • Seeking technical support on products for Induction Motors

    The desired outcome is the re-analysis and re-evaluate our existing designs and come up with new products which are empowered with latest technologies.The client is designing and manufacturing electrical panels,stator rotor starter,switch board etc.,

  • Seeking a natural acid stable green food color

    We are seeking an unique natural stable green food color. The color needs to be stable at low pH (pH = 2-4.5) as well as heat stable (60-80°C). The company is a global biotechnology and market leader in the industry. The company has multiple production sites and a strong RD organisation. We have the expertise throughout the value chain, from research to sales and support, which enables us to bring innovations to the market.

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